Technichal SEO

Why Technical SEO is vital for your business?

Technical SEO is one of the ways of ensuring your website is in agreement with guidelines laid out by the search engine. It helps Search Engine bots crawl and index your website without difficulties. The foremost objective of a technical SEO audit is to evaluate your website's SEO and find out aspects to improve your website performance and give a seamless online experien...

Technichal SEO

Why Technical SEO is vital for your business?

Technical SEO is one of the ways of ensuring your website is in agreement with guidelines laid out by the search engine. It helps Search Engine bots crawl and index your website without difficulties. The foremost objective of a technical SEO audit is to evaluate your website's SEO and find out aspects to improve your website performance and give a seamless online experience to visitors.

Over several years, consumer demand has changed dramatically, and so have the search engine algorithms. Today, Search Engines have become seemingly more complex. As per recent data issued by Statista, the number of smartphone users has surpassed three billion. In the next few years, this number is forecasted to further grow by several hundred million. This tremendous increase in smartphone usage prompted Google and other search engines to align their algorithm so that more weightage is given to websites with better speed and a great mobile experience.

Websites with poor structure, the slow load time of pages, and shady redirects are punished by Google and other search engines. Without proper supervision and interference, these technical SEO issues can result in a drastic downsizing of your website's ranking in search rankings, which in turn adversely may affect organic traffic to your website. As per the latest research, it was noticed that 67.60% of total clicks on Google are made on the first five organic results. Therefore, a drop in your website ranking could be harmful to business.


What is Technical SEO?


All the Search Engine giants such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have one common goal: to provide the user with the best possible experience. Every algorithm created by these Search Engine revolves around this common goal. To ensure that your website follows these strict guidelines, you first need to understand what technical SEO is, the scope of technical SEO, and how to take advantage of the SEO technical audit. This ensures that your website is in line with the guidelines issued by search engines and adheres to industry standards.

Technical on-page SEO consists of many components, like website speed, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), XML sitemap status, robots.txt, and quality of content. All these factors are crucial to your website's performance. The search engine giant Google says a page with a load speed of 10-second leads to an increase in bounce rate by almost 123%. A mobile page with a one-second delay in loading time can lead to a reduction in conversion rate by nearly 20%, an 11% reduction in page views, and a around 16% decline in consumer satisfaction.

So, do not wait until technical SEO issues become a detrimental factor to your site.  If you are eCommerce, WordPress, and other content management systems (CMS), invest in technical SEO today and save time and money later.

Contact our technical SEO experts today and find out more about the benefits of technical SEO for WordPress, eCommerce, and its importance to your business.


Why Technical SEO Services are essential for your Local Business?

The digital landscape is very challenging and competitive. As a business, you will have to stay on top of the latest and cutting technical on-page SEO tactics and algorithm updates to succeed in this demanding environment. To ensure your website is appropriately structured for online users and search engine crawlers, it is crucial to understand what technical SEO is and its demands.

Technical optimization SEO revolves around the following processes:

1. Running a crawl error report

2. Eliminating duplicate content

3. Increasing site speed

4. Improving metadata

5. Auditing preferred domain

6. Checking broken links

7. Checking HTTPS status codes

8. Creating an XML sitemap

9. Optimizing website for mobile

10. Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

11. Auditing redirects

12. Performing a Google site search

    We at Webhub4u know and understand that it is difficult for you to manage the complex requirements and methodology of technical optimization SEO while managing the core operations of your business. The whole process can be cumbersome and tiring. But do not worry! Our technical SEO experts are there to guide you with every aspect of technical optimization SEO.

    Are the website's technical on-page SEO capabilities limiting your organic search performance? Let our specialized SEO Company take care of this complex work for you. Be assured of SEO technical audit and optimization with Webhub4u. We will help you in accomplishing the growth of your business that you dreamed of.


    What Technical SEO Services Entails?

    It is a process of creating an Actionable SEO Strategy for winning your online campaigns. Some of the aspects of Technical SEO Services are:


    We conduct a thorough SEO technical audit of your website to identify and fix the technical SEO issues of your website. This audit covers some crucial checkpoints, including mobile performance, page speed, XML sitemap, internal link structure, indexation, robots.txt, crawl errors, and site structure. Using these analytics results, we develop short-term and long-term solutions to enrich customer's experience of your website and boost your ranking on Google.


    Ever wondered what your competitors are doing better? You will get a comprehensive report of your competition's optimization tactics. This will help you in filling the loopholes your website might have to create more conversion opportunities. Our technical SEO experts will evaluate the competition's keyword performance, search engine rankings, presence on social media, and technical and backlink profiles. This process will allow us to create a strategy to give you a clear advantage in your niche market.


    Meta tags are the invisible force that significantly impacts how your site appears in the search results. It also plays a massive role in understanding why people will prefer to click through to your website. Meta Tags are a critical part of a robust SEO strategy. Webhub4U offers technical SEO for WordPress. It includes analysis and optimization of meta descriptions, meta keywords, alt attributes, title tags, and robot tags of your website pages. This way, we assure you that no misused metadata can severely harm your website's SEO performance.


    Many web pages have low page loading time due to the usage of large images. Large images not only hampers your webpage load time but also play a significant role in driving visitors away. Reduce site load time to pull more visitors with technical SEO to your eCommerce business. Our experts will choose the suitable file format, optimize its alt attributes, compress the size of your images without affecting quality, maximize image optimization plugins, and employ image sitemaps.


    In today's fast-paced world, nobody likes waiting. The loading speed of your page not only has an impact on your SERP ranking but also plays a critical role in customer's experience of your website. Our technical SEO experts will utilize various methods to ensure your page is fast by enabling file compression to reduce the size of JavaSCript, HTML, and CSS files. We will also optimize code, support browser caching, reduce redirects, use content distribution networks (CDNs), and improve overall server response time.


    To make search engine crawling easy, read and display your web page's content correctly, schema markup is used. Our technical SEO experts assign data tags, highlight page elements, create the HTML and finally add the schema markup. To ensure that we are doing things right, our experts use Structured Data Testing Tool powered by Google to test markups and diagnose issues.


    For any successful online business, robust Keyword Research is the foundation of the digital marketing strategy. Get yourself abreast with the current industry trends, latest updates on consumer behavior, and ensure relevant keywords are used everywhere on your website. Our team of SEO experts will examine your niche and undertake technical SEO audits to find the current keyword rankings of your website to optimize web pages with search terms that have high performance.


    Did Google penalize your website as you were not aware of the algorithm changes or due to black-hat technical SEO? At Webhub3U, our technical SEO experts help you in recovering your website from the penalty. We use the Google Search Console in identifying the type of penalty that is affecting your website, thoroughly examine backlink strategies, and then take actions to resolve variations on affected web pages and the content that is crawled by Google. We constantly review all redirects on your website to ensure everything works as planned.


    Our dedicated team of experts optimizes your backlinks using technical SEO for eCommerce and other platforms to gain your website's Domain Authority and search ranking abilities. Our experts conduct comprehensive backlink analyses to get incoming links to only reputable websites and have higher authority. We use several backlink data sources, which helps in identifying referring domains to your website and check their site authority.


    Many Online Business owners have felt the pain of migrating their websites. There is no doubt the migration process is super delicate. It is critical developing a solid migration plan, which helps in avoiding losing existing valuable traffic. Our SEO-friendly website migration process involves touchstone analytics performance, mapping all URLs that are changed from the old domain to the new domain, updating internal links, discarding duplicate content, handling 404 pages, and scrutinizing traffic and rankings.

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    For any WordPress and other CMS business to be successful, they must invest in Technical SEO. With the right technical optimization SEO strategy, you can take care of your website issues, resolve the issues in real-time, and ensure all SEO elements are adequately placed and working the way they were meant to be.

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