Digital Strategy / Branding

We build the perfect Foundation to attract more visitors to your website. Generate More Leads and Grow Your Business exponentially.

Digital Marketing Strategy: A Framework for your Company's Success 

We build the perfect Foundation to attract more visitors to your website. Generate More Leads and Grow Your Business exponentially.

What road to take for getting more leads?

Everyone wants to generate more leads for their business using digital channels such as Google, Bing, social media, and email marketing. Right? Great. We have built a digital marketing strategy, which is curated just for you.

Our digital marketing strategy drives potential buyers, which matters to your business, to your website. Once they are on your website, we convert these prospects into solid leads and finally convert these leads into sales.

Digital Marketing meaning is straightforward; it is online and internet marketing using the right tools.

But digital marketing is not just about using the tools. It also a lot about the methodology that you use.  Implemented. As for us at Webhub4u, we USE — inbound marketing methodology.

Unlike the other methodology, which focuses a lot on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), the Inbound marketing methodology focuses on creating a great customer experience. This methodology is about creating your buyer's consumer’s trust at every stage of the buyer's journey. It is quite the opposite of what is outbound or sometimes known as the "interruption" marketing. 

Every marketer needs to know that a superb inbound strategy does not happen overnight. That is where we at Webhub4u come in.


How does this program work?

We craft a custom digital marketing plan based on your business goals. Then, we execute this plan every month.

There are three critical aspects of this plan:

Pull More Prospects – Attain more website traffic by creating meaningful Content and its effective marketing (blogging), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, and social media.

Convert More Leads – Once you have substantial traffic on the website, you will need to convert this traffic from an unknown visitor to a noticeable lead. If you think that is too much, we got you covered there. We take care of this part using persuasive downloadable Content such as eBooks and webinars, nurturing your leads via email, A/B testing, and some compelling videos.

Get that Sales Figure Up – Leads are not good until they are closed. We equip your sales team with a fresh perspective, tools, and the right data, which will help them close the leads with a higher conversion rate.

So, we take care of creating a solid foundation for your company's online sales strategy. We do not just generate Content or run paid ads for the sake of it. Alternatively, dedicate our time to create the perfect buyer's persona that defines your audience's pain points, followed by identifying keyword opportunities, and then create content that puts your business as the best solution for their requirements. Many marketers have said that they give up on Content. But if the Content is designed strategically and following a buyer's journey, the Content could always work a little more for your business than most marketers think.

At Webhub4u, we continuously optimize your Content, whether it is a blog, eBook, or video. We forge links with your industry thought leaders. Then, periodically monitor and measure that Content to ensure it is successful. We thoroughly scrutinize your website traffic and conversions. 

If there is traffic without lead conversions, we modify the call to action. Then, we measure again. With this method, every piece of content published on your website becomes an asset. And ultimately, your brand becomes the right platform for the solutions.


What digital marketing tactics do we render?

Here are some of the digital marketing tactics that we deploy to ensure your business is a success:

·       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·       Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

·       Content Creation (Blogging and Article Creation) 

·       Content Marketing 

·       Downloadable Content (eBooks and Whitepapers)

·       Social Media Marketing

·       Email Marketing

·       Website Design A/B Testing

·       Landing Page Strategy

·       Call-To-Action Strategy

·       Lead Nurture Strategy

·       Link Building / Earning


How do we know what you need? 

We first start with a series of audits of your current marketing (Inbound and Outbound) along with your current digital marketing activities to identify the areas of opportunities. After gathering the raw data, we evaluate your competition's digital marketing landscape to discover your business's competitive edge. Then we crunch numbers to design a strategy that fits your company's goals.


How does our planning work?

Once we crunch numbers using the raw data, we create insight that matters to your business. We create a plan curated for you based on your company, competition, industry, and goals. 

How do you track your company's online progress?

We firmly believe that "what cannot be measured, cannot be improved." So, we provide comprehensive monthly reports to you at the start of the month. These detailed reports show you our progress toward attaining your goals. The report also includes some metrics such as website traffic, form submissions, leads created, and leads closed. We also evaluate the subsequent month's plan. These evaluations are conducted weekly during the check-in meetings to ensure that all projects stay on track.

So all set to create a Solid Foundation of your Digital Marketing Strategy?