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Get ready for a boom in business with more traffic, more leads and more sales. All this at a lower Cost Per Acquisition! By utilizing all Ad channels effectively we will deliver a better Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) than you have ever seen before.

Are you taking Decisions for Your Brand using Pay Per Click Methodology?

The digital landscape that we live in today is overgrowing at wrap speed. From small companies, mid-size organizations to big enterprises and eCommerce businesses, everyone has some kind of internet presence. Everyone today is trying to figure out advertising avenues to maximize their conversion paths. Having said it, increased marketing opportunities come with their own set of hurdles.

Even though there are thousands of advertising tools and digital marketing channels available in the market, several companies remain invisible to the online target audiences.

Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing Company in Canada

Challenges that online companies face:

☛ Increased competition
☛ An increase in ad blockers
☛ Stern industry guidelines
☛ Everchanging customer interests
☛ High digital ad spending
☛ Diverse market standards
☛ Elusive customers

Today the situation is such that even social media marketing has become a challenge to several businesses. Earlier, social media platforms use to allow companies to engage with millions of potential consumers for free. However, with time, social media giants started launching ad regulations that required advertisers to pay to get their content in front of their targeted consumers. These practices became an issue as not every business has the capacity and resources to launch and support ongoing social media campaigns.

Generally, SEO and Social Media Marketing strategies take time, effort, and relatively significant capital investment before seeing the actual results.

If you are looking for an immediate campaign boost and a fast return on investment (ROI), pay per click advertising is an excellent profitable choice. Maintain complete control of your paid search marketing campaigns to acquire positive business results based on targeted PPC services.

What is the difference between SEO vs. PPC? Which will be the Right Strategy for Your Business?


Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) is one of the best ways to improve organic traffic, increase brand awareness, build online credibility and earn customer trust of your online brand. However, many SEO companies might say to you that any SEO strategy will take at least four to six months before you can see the positive results.
SEO is an essential but slow method. Due to this, many businesses that put more focus on organic search fail to reach their desired marketing goals within the established timeline. If you want an online marketing approach that gives you complete control, promises instant results, and provides flexibility, pay per click marketing is the best way to move forward.

Pay per click advertising has emerged as one of the most cost-effective and futile online marketing strategies in the past few years. Pay Per Click advertising gives businesses to take complete control of expenditure on their online advertisement. It also allows them to show their brand's products to the audience of their choice, that to be at the right time and place.
PPC marketing gives you more targeted visibility, which helps in accelerating the customer's buying journey and boosts your conversion rate.
Hypothetically, when SEO and PPC advertising strategies are combined, they work best to drive more targeted results. An SEO and PPC campaign, when combined, gives maximum visibility, drives relevant traffic, and fulfills long-term benefits. However, if you do not have much time to promote your brand's services and products but still would like to have an impact in your niche market, Pay per click internet marketing might be the most suitable choice for your business.
Strengthen your PPC Marketing and Take Advantage of What Consumer Search
Webhub4U Internet Marketing Agency is one of the most trusted Pay per click internet marketing agencies. Our Pay per click advertising company collaborates with several industry players and marketing professionals to boost their leads, build brand awareness, and attain their goals.
Our Pay per click marketing agency has a deep understanding of what PPC is, how to work effectively for various stakeholders, and what it involves to secure online success. If you are still not confident about Pay per click and wondering if this might be the right advertising model for your business, our PPC management firm is here to assist you.
Learn what PPC is to explore how Pay per click advertising can boost your business.
Start your pay per click campaign today with help from Webhub4U's Pay per click internet marketing experts.

What Is Pay Per Click, and How Will It Work?

With the Help of Optimized Paid Search Campaigns, Grow Your Business to New Heights
Recent studies show that a staggering 93% of marketers are investing in search ads. Consequently, around 74% of brands say that PPC ads are a huge driver for their business. Out of people who click search ads, 75% say the ads make it easier to find what they are looking for.
According to Statista, advertisers spent a total of $15.2 billion for Pay per click ads in 2020 alone and are predicted to increase to $17.68 billion in 2022. It is pretty evident that Pay per click, over time, has become one of the most favored marketing ways for generating higher Returns on Investment. But the question is Pay per click, and how it ramps up your digital marketing efforts?

What is Pay per click?

Pay per click is a paid search marketing methodology used to build your brand's awareness, promote your brand products and gain immediate engagement from targeted audience segments. By using PPC, advertisers pay only when the user clicks on the paid ads, hence the name pay per click.
When someone says PPC, People generally think of Google PPC. However, Pay Per Click is far more than the Google search engine results pages and the Google Display Network. Other platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, and LinkedIn, also use the Pay per click model.
Pay per click allows you to strategically place your ads on various online marketing platforms and highlight your products and services to your target market.

What Are the Various Types of PPC Ads?

Since you have a much better understanding of paid search, the next thing is to understand various types of Pay per click marketing campaigns, which will help you build a solid online presence and promote your offerings to the right audience. Our Pay per click advertising agency closely works with your team to understand and discover PPC ads that matter to your business and how you can use PPC ads to fill your sales funnel.

There are several types of Pay per click ads, depending on your goals:
Different Types of PPC ads

Search Ads

One of the most common forms of paid search marketing or PPC marketing is Search advertising. Search ads display on the targeted audience who are already searching for your industry-specific product or brand offerings. These Pay per click ads are most apt for one-time campaign promotions or short sales cycles. Our Pay per click advertising agency suggests search advertising to businesses trying to acquire reliable and high-quality leads from new customers

Display Ads

Display ads are displayed on Google's partner websites, targeting people who visited industry-related websites. Display ads are considered more effective in reach as they can reach more than 90 percent of the total online users. To get the user's attention and convince them to take action, display ads primarily use photos and texts. Our Pay per click advertising firm suggests display advertising to companies with lengthy sales cycles. These types of campaigns are more suitable for niche or luxury customers.

Social Ads

One of the fastest-growing segments in Pay per click advertising services is Social Ads. Social ads display on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat. These ads are programmed to reach a targeted audience based on their networks, demography, hobbies, and interests, among other factors. Social media ads are suitable for brands with an active social media presence and a highly targeted audience.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is still among the best ways to reach high-converting consumers and almost double your turnovers. Remarketing ads are used as a reminder or recaller for people who have visited your website once. The ads made for Remarketing are compelling and with a more targeted approach to convert visitors into customers.  Contrary to search advertising, remarketing is relatively cheaper as there is lower competition and is implemented on highly targeted customer segments. Our PPC marketing firm uses innovative PPC ad formats and extensions to produce results that matter to your business.

Google Shopping Ads

Websites with a large volume of products or services, Google Shopping ads are a perfect medium to promote their businesses. These PPC ads are displayed in a carousel above or next to the main Google search results. This method allows prospective customers to view various products and compare the prices on Google SERP before they click on any website. It means that every click on your ads has a high chance of conversion, assuming that your target lead has already explored other products or services on Google Shopping ads. Our PPC agency recommends and assists various businesses that aim to reach these potential leads with a clear buying intent.

In-Stream Ads

In-Stream Ads are also known as ads that are displayed on Youtube Video and other video content-based platforms. These ads are Pay per click ads, which appear on YouTube search results, YouTube videos, and video partners on Display Network. YouTube ads exhibit your brand uniquely and memorably. Facebook has also launched in-stream ads in their videos, allowing business to place their ads in the best slots in the video content.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

Gmail sponsored promotions are one of the best ways to generate direct response leads effectively. GSP lets you engage with the prospect leads right from their inbox. Unlike In-stream ads on Youtube and other platforms, GSP has a click to call ability, which helps potential leads to make direct calls to you. This method enables you to convert the potential leads at any point in your sales funnel. Webhub4U, as your reliable PPC company, defines and implements your GSP strategies to maximize its ability to target potential customers and generate high-quality clicks that lead to higher conversion.

Local Services Ads

Local service ads are comparatively an easy way of getting more leads. This method follows a pay per lead model. This means you do not pay for the clicks that did not turn into a solid lead. Local services ads are helpful to a few market segments, including Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning companies, local businesses like salons, locksmiths, electricians, gyms, and plumbers. Our PPC agency collaborates with these local service providers and makes their brands more visible in their target areas.

Amazon PPC Ads

One of the most popular PPC services for e-Retailers nowadays is Amazon PPC Ads. Amazon PPC ads let you become a strong Amazon seller, enabling you to build brand awareness, drive your sales and boost store visits by placing sponsored ads on Amazon's key locations. At Webhub4U, we leverage our PPC specialist's technical knowledge and experience to implement your Amazon PPC campaigns to increase your profit margin.

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertising has grown exponentially in Canada and globally over the past few years. There is a huge increase in smartphone penetration and data connectivity in the last few decades. With billions of mobile users spending hours per day surfing the Internet, there are billions of impressions available to a business to show their message. Clearly, no business can ignore this medium.
With mass reach and lower Cost Per Click (CPCs) when compared with Desktop Ads, Mobile Advertising seems like a great option but be watchful of the pitfalls. A lot of expertise is required to target your audience effectively.

How do PPC Marketing works?

PPC advertising is a bit similar to SEO marketing, where a lot of emphasis is given to keyword-based marketing. PPC CMS like Google Adwords put a value to various terms and phrases searched by users. The price is assigned based on the search volume, competition level, and demand. The more businesses compete for a keyword, the higher the keyword pricing will be.
Since most marketing platforms, such as Google and Bing, have limited pay per click advertising slots on their homepage. You have to fight to claim your PPC spot. The challenge here is businesses cannot elevate the prominence of their Google PPC ads by simply paying a higher amount.
Google Pay per click and other marketing platforms are done by auction. The entire process is an automated process, where the search engine determines the relevance and validity of an ad, which will appear on their SERPs. To be successful with Google Pay per click and other PPC ads, your Google pay per click ads must have a good Quality Score, which will boost your ad position and lower your Click Per Cost.
By now, you might be thinking of how to obtain a good Quality Score?  Good Quality pay per click ads are relevant to your targeted regions, consist of valuable keywords that must have high click-through rates (CTRs), and should be able to drive prospective customers to an SEO-optimized landing page.
If you are wondering, PPC audit and launching your Pay per click campaign is too much of a hassle. Do not worry; delegate your PPC services to our Pay per click Management Company and allow us to care of the technical aspects of your PPC campaigns for you.
Webhub4U's PPC experts will explain what paid search is and how it will work for you using the fundamentals of PPC marketing. Once you understand the Pay per click processes, you will have a better chance of launching more profitable campaigns for your business. Learn everything about PPC marketing and learn how our Pay per click marketing agency can help you achieve success.

We Are Determined to Improve Your Quality Score and Generate More Online Revenue

At Webhub4U Internet Marketing Agency, we determined to attain your PPC search engine marketing (SEM) goals. To ensure that we understand your business's vision, we first identify your PPC campaign metrics, followed by establishing a well-defined structure for your Pay per click campaigns. These structures help in bringing new visitors to your website and finally reduce your overall PPC management expenses.
Our Pay per click advertising agency helps you navigate easily through the technical aspects of PPC and integrates this process effectively with your SEO and other online campaigns. Partner with our Pay per click management agency and take advantage of the benefits of cost-effective PPC advertising services.

Why PPC Marketing Is Crucial For Your Business
Pay per click advertising is a compelling digital marketing strategy to boost your conversions to maximize your Returns on Investment. If you have PPC management services that are data-driven, they help you create valuable opportunities to engage your brand with potential customers to improve your overall profitability.

Here is the list of top reasons why you should invest in PPC advertising services:

Low Entry Barrier

Paid search marketing helps you with a step-by-step guide to seasoned marketers and beginners to start their ad creation. In Paid search marketing, it does not matter if you are a decade behind your competition on acquiring Pay per click services; with help from our trusted PPC management firm, you can start with your campaign in no time.

Highly Specific and Accurate Targeting

With the help of PPC marketing, you can serve targeted communications with your ideal customers. Your ideal customer will be determined based on their search behavior, online activities, and preferred platforms. Pay per click services prioritizes the most relevant audiences when they are likely to decide to purchase. On top of it, PPC helps you connect with specific customer groups based on demography, gender, age group, and many other parameters.

Improved Brand Visibility

By investing in PPC management services, you create a foolproof way to showcase your products and services in places where your target customers spend time. PPC advertising is most effective at the awareness stage of your marketing funnel. It also helps in getting more prospects and high-converting clients to notice your brand.

Quick Results

Many marketers say that using Pay per click advertising services is one of the best ways to get immediate results. Once our Pay per click advertising company sets your PPC campaign, you will start seeing the results in no time. However, remember that the first three months are typically the testing period. This means to get more favorable outcomes, you will have to acquire valuable data and improve your campaigns' overall performance.

Quick Experimentation

A/B split testing is an indispensable part of any Pay per click campaigns. Your PPC specialist will create various versions of your PPC ads to validate which campaign to launch and optimize to generate maximum conversion rate.

One-time Campaign Promotions

Don't have the budget to implement ongoing digital marketing efforts? Pay per click services helps you launch one-time campaign promotions. It is more like indulging in a tactical battler instead of a long war. These campaigns are run with short sales cycles. PPC advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to introduce a new product or service to the online marketplace.

Give your website the attention it deserves. Choose our PPC marketing agency and let us help you succeed.

PPC Marketing Services

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our PPC advertising firm utilizes various tools that help in understanding your customer's online behavior and predict what keywords they might type into the search box. We classify your target keywords and segregate them based on industry relevance, competition, and search volume. Our paid search experts continuously refine your keyword list to capture your target audience's interest and search intent for a maximum Return on Investment.

Paid Search Advertising

Take advantage of our paid search agency's trusted PPC services and position your brand at the top of search results. Webhub4U's paid search experts will optimize your ad targeting strategies, followed by determining high-value keywords, and then develop PPC bidding strategies. They will keep a continuous track of your ROI to give you maximum benefits. Our PPC marketing agency's time-tested practices will help you in improving your Quality Score, Impression Share, and Click Through Rate.

Ads A/B Split Testing

Our Pay per click management company will set up your campaign comparisons to test the productivity of your ads. We will create several variations of your page elements, such as image, headline, Layout, and Call To Action (CTA). This will help us in determining which pay per click ads version will give you the best results. The split-test results assist our PPC agency in optimizing your subsequent paid search campaigns to improve your overall PPC Strategy.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) using PPC Copywriting

Capturing your target audience at the right time, on the right platform, and finally push them down the next level of your sales funnel requires effective PPC copywriting. Our Pay per click agency writes PPC ads that are persuasive, connects with the buyer's journey. We test your landing page designs and develop user-friendly forms to capture leads, boost your Quality Score and overall conversion rate. Call our paid search agency now and allow us to help you improve your profits without raising your ad budgets.

Social Media Advertising

In 2020, around 3.96 billion people were using social media sites. Out of these, around 54% of the people utilize social media platforms to do product research. By investing in Pay per click advertising services for Social Media, you will be able to improve your brand recognition, reduce overall marketing costs, and, more importantly, will stay on top of mind with your potential customers. Our Pay per click will determine your ideal target audience by analyzing their social media behavior and utilize creative video content, images, and texts to boost your brand engagement and customer reach.

Nextdoor Advertising

Our Pay per click management agency takes advantage of local ads to connect local customers with your brand to increase your conversion rate. We claim and manage your Nextdoor business profile, professional design ads that are custom-made for your customers, and create landing pages specially made for web traffic from Nextdoor. Our Pay per click experts will use an analytics and measuring system to keep track of your metrics to boost your Nextdoor campaigns.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing Campaigns are based on target-specific visitors and give you more cost-effective results. Our PPC management company will identify your top-performing campaigns, create remarketing ads for high-value targeted visitors, and tap into site visitors who already have expressed intent to purchase your products or services. We ensure the frequency cap of your remarketing campaigns is optimized to limit how many times your PPC ads are displayed to the same person, thus reducing your overall marketing cost.

Amazon PPC

To increase your profit margin from Amazon, use Amazon product ads and video ads to grab the shopper's attention. Our PPC management agency utilizes an advertising management system that will help you engage with interested buyers, increase your sales and get the maximum return on investment. We maximize keyword match types and negative keywords, structure your Amazon PPC campaigns by segregating each campaign based on the product category and adjust your ad spending based on data drive product's performance.

YouTube Ads

To gain maximum traction from YouTube ads, you should create memorable ads, which connect with your potential clients. To achieve maximum output from YouTube Ads, your campaigns should have a targeted YouTube video marketing approach. Our PPC management firm examines various advanced YouTube targeting ways to set up video remarketing campaigns, including an element of surprise in your in-stream ads. We do not create YouTube ads; we create stories that resonate with your target audience.

Mobile Ads

If you want to grow your business in today's online landscape, then choosing web-based platforms for advertising is not enough. To gain a wider market share, now you also have to target smartphone users. Today, Mobile Advertising is one of the best ways to connect personally with potential audiences. As a reliable PPC Marketing Firm, we display your ads on the mobile platforms that suit your campaign to attract the right segment of the audience. We use mobile apps, music, games, videos, etc to engage your target customers. We take care of designing and developing highly dynamic mobile ads that offer the highest levels of user engagement.

Partner with a pay per click management

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Why Webhub4U's PPC Services Are Better Than the Rest?

Webhub4U Internet Marketing Agency is one of the most trusted Pay per click firms fully committed to your success. We bring our decades of experience and industry expertise to every Pay per click campaign that we handle. From PPC audit and account set up to managing your ads and monitoring your campaign, trust us to give our whole-hearted dedication to improve your online performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is Pay Per Click (PPC) model suitable for my business? 

Provided PPC is implemented carefully, almost any kind of business can make PPC work for them. Several digital marketing channels such as search, display, social media marketing, and retargeting are PPC-based. Products with high customer lifetime value, average order value, high margins do well with PPC. Hard-to-find / unique products and retailers with various products should also look to PPC for growth.

 Why should I pay for Search Engine Advertising? 

Search Engine Advertising (SEM) allows businesses to appear in the spotlight by listing in their sponsored slots. You pay for it because it helps your brand to display right at the top. This enables you to grab the searcher's attention and increase the click-through rate. Search Engine advertising gives you two significant benefits - you pay only when customers click on the ads, and you can easily measure the performance of your campaigns.

 How long does it take to see results? 

Generally, you can see traffic from SEM quicker as compared to other models. However, sales and revenue parameters may take some time base. The truth, which many agencies might tell you that researching keywords, building a quality score does take time. Apart from this, it also needs iterations in copy and landing pages. For you to see the results from a PPC campaign, you might have to wait for about 02 - 03 months.

 Will you offer bundle packages based on my business requirements? What will be the cost of it? 

Get in touch with our experts to customize your package as per your business requirements.

 Where my PPC campaign ads will appear? 

Your PPC campaign ads can be of various kinds depending upon your requirements. It can be search, social media advertising, display, remarketing, Google Shopping, Amazon ads, and mobile ads. Your ads can appear in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), appear on your social media, on the websites you might browse, or appear in mobile apps that you use. We will assist you in choosing the best way to implement PPC campaigns and show your ads at the place where you get maximum engagement from your target audience.

 Why am I not able to see my PPC campaign ads? 

There could be several reasons because of which you are not able to see your PPC campaign ads. Probably you might be excluded from the target set of audience, or your ads might be disapproved, or probably your campaign budget might have been exhausted. There could be a few other reasons as well, due to which you might not be able to see your campaign ads. While scheduling your ad, you have limited it, or you are targeting a different geographic region. Some of the other common reasons that adversely affect your ad campaign are a low ad rank or low-quality score, search result ad fatigue, or low impression share.

 I see my competitor's ads everywhere. How do we do that? 

Research closely on your competitor’s activities - many online tools allows you to do what your competitors are doing. Closely monitor the keywords your competition is using. You can create better ads and place higher bids to get visibility in places your competitors are visible to beat the competition. You can bid on the branded keywords that are currently featuring your competitors so that your ads will show up there too.

 Why my cost per click is increasing? 

Cost per click increases due to the rise in the competition for the ad space. Within Google Adwords, you can see the number of advertisers can in the auction insights report. Cost Per Click will rise if too many advertisers are competing for the exact keywords, especially during a particular time of the year, such as Black Friday or Easter, or Christmas. Changes in quality scores, an anomaly in a few keywords, or ad copy may lead to a change in the Cost Per Click budget.

 Should I always bid on my brand name? 

To bid on your own brand name helps capture high-quality leads that are close to conversion. Branded terms are cheaper than non-brand keywords. You can control your messaging, enabling you to grab attention on your Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Biding on your brand also protects your brand from competitors who might try to cache in on your brand. Isn't this great?

 How do I define a "successful" PPC campaign? 

A successful PPC campaign depends on the business and the objectives that the campaign was supposed to achieve. These objectives could be increase traffic, increased leads, sales, or conversions, or higher engagement. Some Key Performance Indicators for a successful PPC campaign can be measured, such as Total Clicks, Cost per click (CPC), Click through Rate (CTR), Quality Score, Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Ad Position, and Conversion Rate.

 What are other services you can offer to my business? 

As Canada's leading digital marketing and SEO services agency, we offer a full suite of internet marketing services from conceptualization and strategy to implementation and execution. Our services include web design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click advertising, Mobile App Marketing, and Content Marketing.